Integrated and Customized Solutions for Internet Service Providers and Beyond

Systems that evolve with your needs

The idea behind Vayu stems from a shared background. The founders are professionals with years of experience in the Wireless Internet Service Provider world. Aware of a series of critical issues and gaps affecting the industry, in 2013 they decided to transform them into opportunities.

The philosophy underlying our software is thus to solve the problems of WISPs and ISPs as comprehensively as possible, combining strong specialization with a unique ability to customize the product.

Even today, our secret lies in listening to the customer and understanding the market. From the natural evolution of needs, we continue to derive new opportunities.


A management platform for ISPs and WISPs, comprehensive, customizable, and easily integrable with other software. Features include sales, invoicing, warehouse management, and support requests.


The software arises from our long experience in supporting WISPs and ISPs with the daily management of users, particularly authentication and accounting. It is customizable and has an intuitive and responsive interface.


It is a module integrated within Radius 4 ISP but can also be used as a standalone application. It allows for the management of incoming and outgoing migrations of end customers’ lines on the TIM and other wholesale operators networks.


An integrated system, always up-to-date, that allows managing all processes related to the functionalities of Lawful Interception and Data Retention, mandatory for telecommunications operators and service providers.


For reliability and stability close to 100%, it is not enough to react to failures; you need to be proactive. The system monitors those indicators and symptoms that allow predicting problems

Our Approach

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