The OLO2OLO module, integrated within the Radius 4 ISP platform but usable as a standalone application, is the solution for managing incoming and outgoing migrations of end customers lines for TIM and other operators networks.

Simple, Functional and Accessible

Respecting the technical specifications provided by AGCOM Resolution 274/07/CONS and subsequent integrations, Olo2Olo allows the migration of access lines between different Operators in cases where the intermediate service is provided by TIM or other wholesale Operators.
The sending of requests, and therefore the XML message, takes place through HTTPS communication on Secure Socket Layer.

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Intuitive and clean web interface

Integration with Radius system (AAA)

Ready to use
SaaS model, turnkey service

More info on the software

The Olo2Olo module is constantly updated to ensure the validity of procedures even after changes to the technical/normative aspects of the respective services and is offered with dedicated technical support. The same support that will accompany you through the different phases, implementation and communication with the Operators (OLO) with whom to interact in compliance with AGCOM Resolutions, as well as in the generation of COW codes and interfacing with TIM for the compilation of forms and interconnection texts.

Functionality and features of Olo2Olo



Management of incoming and outgoing migrations of TIM Easy IP NGA


OLO management with URL update of request and response, COW database update


Migration code verification, Migration code generation.



XML request sending


Archive of received files and response files


Archive of notifications



Possibility of data import/export to Operator management systems via API


Find operator


Import of XML files

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If you have any questions or want to try the software, call us or write to us! We will delve into any aspect of Olo2Olo with you.